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Clients have their own set of circumstances that led them to fall behind on their tax obligations. Our experienced and customized solutions allow us to develop workable resolution plans for each set of tax problems and circumstances.

Once a tax has been assessed, the IRS will take action to collect the tax owed. Such action can include placing a levy on your individual and/or business assets, including income, wages, bank accounts, account receivables, and other property, and filing a notice of Tax Lien that attaches to property, becomes public record, and shows up on your credit report. The IRS will notify you that this process has begun by issuing an "Urgent - We Intend to Levy" Notice or a "Final Notice of Intent to Levy." There are a variety of services that can help you avoid Tax Levies or Tax Liens, whether the taxes are a result of an unfavorable tax audit or are from a tax return that was filed but never paid.

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