Tax Services - IRS Protection can provide a wide range of tax services to our clients. Our tax attorneys AGGRESSIVELY and PROMPTLY RESOLVE IRS and State Tax Problems for our clients. has extensive experience with offers in compromise, tax liens, tax abatement, discharging taxes in bankruptcy, payroll taxes and many other tax problem resolution methods for IRS protection. represent taxpayers in all 50 States and we can help you with the following:

  1. Offer in Compromise

    An offer in compromise is an extremely popular government program. An offer in compromise is a process whereby the taxpayer offers the IRS or the State a reduced sum of money in order to settle a delinquent tax bill. has saved millions of dollars for our clients through the offer in compromise program.

  2. Payroll Tax Problems

    A payroll tax problem usually arises when an overworked, or financially strapped business owner fails to file the required payroll tax returns, or turn over the payroll taxes withheld from its employees. may be able to resolve your payroll tax problems through an offer in compromise, without the necessity of having you declare bankruptcy!

  3. Wage Garnishment Problems

    A wage garnishment is devastating to a taxpayer. We understand how important a regular paycheck is to our clients and their families. Upon being retained, will immediately contact the IRS or State Taxing agency to negotiate the release of any IRS or State wage garnishments. Often our tax attorneys are able to modify the wage garnishments to a much more manageable level.

  4. Tax Lien Problems

    Tax liens are filed by the IRS and the state to protect their interests against other creditors. Although the taxing agencies are extremely reluctant to release or modify tax liens, might be able to get the government to subordinate a tax lien, thus taking a back seat to a lender and allowing the client to borrow money against his assets to satisfy the tax lien.

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