Tax Audit Lawyer Protection

Our tax audit lawyers aggressively assist its clients in managing their IRS and State Tax Audits. has its tax attorneys involved at various stages of the Tax Audit Process.

Our approach towards audits is grounded in extensive preparation and process management. Many clients come to us immediately upon getting contacted by the taxing agencies. Others start the IRS audit on their own or with their accountant, and turn to our tax attorneys when they feel that that the process is starting to overwhelm them. Often, we are asked to step in once a taxing agency has made an unfavorable adjustment to the taxpayer's tax liability.Although, our tax attorneys have achieved great results at every stage of the tax audit process, we feel that the best results are achieved when the client brings us in as early as possible.

Our tax lawyers have saved our clients Millions of Dollars in IRS and State taxes, penalties, and interest as a result of hiring to represent them in tax audits before the IRS and various State Taxing Authorities.

Once you have hired to represent you will not be required to have any personal contact with the IRS whatsoever!

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