Tax Liens

When the IRS sends out a levy notice you only have a Short Period of time to comply!

The IRS or other State Taxing Authority can MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE by filing a federal Tax Lien against you.

The IRS and State taxing agencies have the power to collect back taxes by levying on taxpayers' property, as a result of a Tax Lien.

The Tax Lien attaches to all rights, title and interest of the taxpayer. All IRS and State Tax Liens are public records.

Tax liens make it very difficult to obtain credit or to sell real estate. A tax lien is filed by the government to protect its interests and is recorded with one or several county recorders. A Tax Lien Tells The World that you owe back taxes and is generally DEVASTATING to the taxpayer's credit.

Once the IRS or a state tax agency have a tax lien on all of a taxpayer's assets, they may enforce that tax lien by administratively Levying his or her assets.

Although the taxing agencies are extremely reluctant to release or modify tax liens, we might be able to get the government to subordinate its tax lien to a lender, thus allowing the client to borrow money against his assets to satisfy all or part of the tax lien. will make sure that the tax agencies have met all legal requirements for a legal tax lien filing.

If any defects are discovered in the tax lien process, will immediately appeal the filing of the tax lien.

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