Tax Litigation

We have won precedent-setting victories in Tax, Federal and State courts. Tax controversies require experienced tax lawyers with litigation skills. is led by senior lawyers with fundamental appreciation of the tax law, seasoned tax litigation skills and skilled appellate advocates with a record of creativity and achievement.

Our lawyers have extensive practical experience, working relationships with the IRS and Department of Justice and some are former IRS Officers.

In addition, we represent clients on a regular basis in proceedings before the various IRS Appeals Offices. Our experience in federal tax controversies extends to substantive issues, including section 482 allocations, tax accounting issues, unreasonable compensation, valuation disputes and reorganization issues, as well as procedural matters, including summons enforcement and defense of tax collection enforcement actions.

TAXAID.usanalyzes problems at the onset of a tax controversy and uses that analysis to guide its responses to IRS requests and positions.

We advise our clients concerning cost-effective potential solutions, while anticipating and preparing for litigation.

We combine a readiness to litigate with the skill to work out a negotiated settlement with taxing authorities.

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