Tax Planning

At we listen to your needs and guide you through a dizzying array of tax and business choices. We help our clients understand how they can best avoid unnecessary tax exposure, while still accomplishing their goals!

Tax law is one of the most complex areas of law and failing to address your tax situation can lead to serious financial consequences. Tax-advantaged structuring of all major business transactions is of substantial importance. Additionally, one of the biggest concerns of any successful business or individual is tax liability and the possibility of being audited, or facing penalties for IRS violations. Many people do not understand their rights when it comes to dealing with the IRS. An experienced tax law attorney can help. When a client contacts, we will examine their situation and work to provide professional tax representation to fit the client's specific needs. We also discuss potential liability and the benefits and risks of pursuing a particular tax strategy.

Our clients often turn to us for ongoing tax planning. Since we are familiar with their financial history and condition. Furthermore, many of the resolutions that we reach with the government on behalf of our clients, require the clients to comply with all tax laws for up to five years. For example, The Offer in Compromise program requires that subsequent to acceptance of an Offer in Compromise, the taxpayer must remain current on all tax obligations for a period five (5) years. Therefore, if the taxpayer's Offer in Compromise is accepted and paid in full, but he later fails to pay current income taxes or other taxes, the Offer in Compromise might be revoked by the IRS.

Allowing to provide ongoing, year-around tax planning and filing services provides another level of commitment to remaining on track.

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